Washing instructions

If it is necessary due to extensive staining, in case of removable upholstery, Alcantara can be safely machine washed.


Machine washing

Wash with water at about 30° C and a mild detergent. If there are Velcro fastenings along the edges of the upholstery, they must be protected with counter-Velcro before washing in order not to damage the upholstery. Do not spin-dry Alcantara.


Once the upholstery is washed, let it dry in the open air and brush it delicately with a soft bristle brush. Alcantara is not to be bleached with chlorine.


Alcantara can be ironed, making sure that a white cloth is put between the iron and the product. The base of the iron must not reach a temperature higher than 110°C.

Dry cleaning

In case of dry cleaning, trichloroethylene must not be used and direct contact with steam machines must be avoided. The use of the “spray extraction machine” is allowed only at low temperature. For the cleaning of non-removable upholstery follow the instructions given in the section Ordinary Mainteinance.